web design and build

Web Design and Build

Websites! Just like everything else in this world, websites come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs. But how do you know which solution is going to be the best for you? Well, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll find out everything about you and your business before designing and creating your perfect website. We can handle everything from the content and copywriting, and the design and layout, right the way through to the hosting and domain names, and of course the actual build.

So why should you let Lunax loose on your website project? As professional marketers, we look at website projects from all angles. Yes – your website needs to look amazing, but it also needs to work. That means converting your visitors into your customers. We’re big on conversion rate optimisation and our ‘inner geek’ loves a bit of behavioural economics so we know how to apply cognitive bias psychology to get you the leads, enquiries or sales you’re after.

website packages


We'll do all the hard work for you!

Wordpress hosting

Fully managed and secure website hosting for your wordpress site.

£25 per month

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Domain purchasing

Domain purchasing and DNS management for your business.

priced per domain

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website design and build

A bespoke website specifically designed and built for your business' individual needs.

from £1200

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On Track

We'll keep your website on track!

Website Maintenance

Keeping on top of your website maintenance including checking broken links, updating plugins, and updates to your content when needed.

from £75 per month

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We'll teach you how to manage your own website content!

individual lessons

Learn how to upload a blog post, add a new page, or perhaps something else.

£40 for 30 mins

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by the hour

book us by the hour to teach you whatever you need to know about your website.

£75 per hour

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full day support

Book us for the full day to learn how to manage your website from scratch.


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