November Content Ideas

November is lurking just around the corner and, let’s be honest, we all know it can be a tricky month. Sandwiched between the spooky vibes of Halloween and the festive cheer of December, November often feels like the awkward middle child of the content calendar. But, fear not! We’ve got your back. Dive into these […]

There’s more to design than looking pretty

We love aesthetics. It’s pretty obvious. The Lunax Group works primarily with beauty, fitness and health clients, so looking good is engrained in our philosophy. If you’ve ever stopped by our office, you’ll see we’ve taken the time to turn it into a beautiful space to work and relax –  it’s objectively pretty. But we’ve […]

Which social media platforms should you be using?

Social media platforms – there’s just so many nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and what’s that one all the kids use – Snapchat? So it’s no wonder that one of the questions we get asked ALL the time is “What social media platforms should I be on?   And the answer… drum roll… is… […]

The Apple Pie Analogy

Imagine you’re having a party. And you’ve decided to bake a delicious apple pie for your guests. You’ve told everyone. And they’re super excited to try the apple pie. It’s going to be the most delicious apple pie they’ve ever tasted, and you’re going to go down as the best pie baker around. In fact, […]

Marketing Red Flags: What to look out for when outsourcing marketing.

What to look out for when outsourcing digital marketing. Marketing – it’s not exactly rocket science is it? A tweet here, an Instagram post there. Hey, you might knock up a flyer using a template design online. And if you’re really smart, you may have clicked your way through the setup guide for your Google […]